The advantages of using cloud hosting

The advantages of using cloud hosting

The concept of cloud computing was introduced more than a decade ago and ever since then, this concept is getting more and more popular. According to some surveys, the vast majority of Internet users are using cloud services even though most of them are not aware of this. Just think about it – even Gmail and Facebook are based on this technology because without it you won’t be able to synchronize your account when you are using another computer or when you are using a mobile device.

Cloud hosting, on the other hand, is a type of shared hosting. But, unlike classic shared hosting options, hosting providers have a large network of servers, connected together. When you opt for cloud hosting, you are virtually getting access to this network.

With the help of this concept, cloud hosting can provide a myriad of advantages to its users. First and foremost, this new technology allows a large number of users to be hosted on fewer servers. As a result of that, the overall cost of using cloud hosting is lower compared to conventional hosting options. In addition, you know what you are paying for – every user has to pay for the resources they’ve used.

Data related to your website can be transferred from one server to another right away, and hosting providers are adding and removing servers from their network all the time. To put it simply, the website you have hosted will be online for almost 100% of the time. With cloud hosting there is virtually no downtime for your website which is very important. When sites are down even for a short period of time, relatively frequently, these sites are losing their reputation.

There is no doubt that thanks to cloud technology, it is much simpler to redirect resources in a fast and effective way. In other words, you can get additional processing power when needed. One of the main reasons why so many website owners are using cloud hosting is that this solution provides better scalability.

In the end, let us mention that cloud technology copies your data and information on more than one server. So, in case some of the servers is blocked or even destroyed, your data will still exist in the cloud.

Now that you know how beneficial this hosting option can be, it is the right time to select a good cloud hosting provider.

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