A Short Introduction to Domain Name Registration

A Short Introduction to Domain Name Registration

In case you are interested in creating and running your own website, you should check the basic elements of the process of domain name registration. Domain names are often called hostnames and web addresses. This is quite natural because every unique website must have its own unique domain name that can be found by other Internet users. With a domain name, it is impossible to use the same web address for two different entities.

The number of websites is increasing rapidly in the last few years, and that’s why there are so many companies that are supporting future website owners trying to register their domain names. These companies are called domain name registrars and they serve as a middleman between the official registry that manages domain names and the users. As we said, there are many registrars out there and some of the most popular ones include GoDaddy, NameCheap, and BlueHost.

What should beginners know?

In case you want to register a domain name, you should know that the process of domain name registration is straightforward. It is up to you to identify a good registrar and look for a suitable name for your website.

Don’t forget that there are millions of registered websites out there and many of the names that you will think of are probably already registered. So, you will have to unleash your creativity and come up with a few solutions for your domain name before you actually start the registration process. Most of the registrars have great search engines that will show you whether your desired domain name is available or not. Another thing that you should remember is that during this process you will also have to select an extension. You have probably heard about .com which is the most commonly used domain extension, but there are some other domain extensions that you should take into account like .info, .org, .biz or .net.

When you finish this process, you will have to choose how long you want to keep that domain name. The minimum period of time is one year and maximum ten years even though this depends on the registrar’s policy.

Selecting a good domain name

This is probably the most difficult part of the process of domain name registration. It’s a good idea to select a domain that is easy to remember and a name that doesn’t include too many characters. Take some time to consider all the options because this is a very important issue that can determine the success of your website in the long run.


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